Cope Math Club Makes Worldwide Merit Roll


Last year’s Cope Math Club team, right before taking the tests that qualified them for the State Competition.

Marlon M., Staff Writer

     Recently, Cope has participated in a worldwide math test for students who are in 5th to 8th grade. For Cope Mathletes (members of Cope’s Math Cub), this test, the AMC8, determines how they are placed in the upcoming math competition, MATHCOUNTS. These students prepared for these two competitions for weeks with fantastic results.

     In AMC, two Cope students, Ellie Zhang and Marlon Moenius became Worldwide Honor Roll members, with Ellie scoring an 18/25 and Marlon a 19. Furthermore, Cope was placed on the School Merit Roll list, scoring a 51. However, for the Mathletes, they are still preparing for many things.

     Friday, February 4 is the MATHCOUNTS competition with all students from the Math Club participating. When asked about her thoughts on the AMC8 and the upcoming Mathcounts competition, Abhisri Naryanan, a Mathlete, answered, “Everyone in Math Club has worked really hard and practiced a lot for the upcoming MATHCOUNTS competition. A lot of the effort is also put in by the tutors because they are the ones that help us with questions we don’t understand and topics that we need to learn. Overall, I think everyone will do great in this competition!” 

     The next competition will be a preliminary round before the state competition and will determine which students will take part in the state competition. Last year, Cope’s primary team made it into the state round. However, due to Covid, it was canceled. So, Cope goes into this upcoming competition hoping to finally be able to take place at the state level, representing Southern California. As Mrs. Carnes so eloquently put it, “As their club advisor, I am so proud of how hard these students have worked and the fact that they are willing to give over an hour of their time to learn these intense math competition problems. I am also so thankful for the tutors we have from Redlands High School donating their time to help our middle schoolers achieve their highest potential in these competitions.”