History Flashback: The World’s Deadliest Computer Virus Pt. 2

History Flashback: The World's Deadliest Computer Virus Pt. 2

Edric W., Staff Writer


By lunch, the worldwide internet had slowed by 10%. The SCO Group, who made Linux products, and the FBI both launched investigations for evidence, offering rewards for information. However, a new virus strain emerged: MyDoom B. This virus was just like the original virus, except that it included a DDOS attack against the SCO group. This was set to trigger in 6 days, but it triggered 2 days earlier. However, experts found that there was an exploit in the virus that would deem the attack useless. The virus peaked, with 1 in 5 computers being infected. On February 1st, the first attack began on SCO, forcing them to remove their original domain to protect themselves. On the 3rd, another attack commenced on Microsoft. Microsoft just moved their domain to another address and directed customers there. MyDoom A and B stop just weeks after this. Over the next few months, cyberspace returned to normal. On July 26th, another strain of the virus attacks Google, stopping website functions for most of the day. More strains, Mydoom U, V, W, and X, appear. They are also shut down. Another worm, Trojan.Dozer appears. It reuses code from MyDoom. However, this too is shut down, and the virus shows no signs of resurfacing.

The Mydoom virus was the most financially disruptive virus in history, causing about 38 billion dollars worth of damage to the world. Internet security measures have improved since then, but we can never be sure if another virus like this one will appear again. So, make sure to stay safe online, never download off shady websites, and never, NEVER give anyone your personal information.


Source: Disrupt TV (informational Youtube channel)