Cope Conservation Club


Kelsie V. and Tessa H.

Calling all wildlife lovers, conservationists too. If you love these things, this club’s right for you! A new association has sprouted up at Cope — the Cope Conservation Club!

This club meets from 3:30 to 4:15 every Wednesday, with the teacher advisor, Ms. Tygart. The meetings will be held on Zoom.

To join the club, you can click on the form link on your grade level Google Classroom. The only requirement to join the club is a wildlife-loving spirit!

The Conservation Club will go on field trips to expand their conservation knowledge. They will also get the chance to participate in community projects, such as planting trees or cleaning up litter.

Kelsie V. and Tessa H. founded this association because there aren’t many opportunities for children to make a difference for animals in this world. This would give more chances for students to learn about conservation, being eco-friendly, and coexist with the creatures we share our planet with.

So, what do you think? Is it time to help critters on the brink?