The 20 20 20 Exercise

The 20 20 20 Exercise

Caroline C., Editor

     Welcome back to distance learning, the long hours spent in the same place, with your eyes locked on a screen. I’m sure all of us have felt the blue light deteriorating our eyeballs and brain cells, making our eyes feel like there are tiny, flaming knives poking at them.

     You might be relieved to know that there’s a helpful exercise for your eyes! It’s called the 20 20 20 rule. The 20 20 20 rule says that, during your screen time, take a break every twenty minutes. During this break, simply look at an object twenty feet away from you for twenty seconds. Then, look at something closer for another twenty seconds.

     This exercise is supposed to exercise your pupils. It also gives your eyes a quick break from harmful blue light. However, the 20 20 20 rule isn’t the only way to reduce eye strain. Similar to the 20 20 20 rule, close your eyes for twenty seconds every twenty minutes. Blink often to keep your eyes moist. Turn down your screen brightness and make the text larger. 

     Hopefully, after trying out the 20 20 20 rule, you may find that your eyes feel much better after the long hours of distance learning.