Success of Video Gaming Industry


Josephine H., Staff Writer

     Throughout the pandemic, amusement parks, movie theaters, and other recreational activities have been closed down. Because of this, people have to turn to other forms of entertainment, such as video games and social media. During the pandemic, Twitter reported a 75% increase in posts made about video games and gaming. 


     Though amusement park companies have lost millions of dollars (Disney lost $5 billion) while they have been closed, video game companies have thrived. Nintendo, Microsoft, and many others have earned millions of dollars while folks are staying home and searching for new forms of entertainment. According to an article published in late May last year, video game sales approached $1.6 billion by March.5 billion dollars


     In April, Microsoft disclosed that “the number of subscribers to its Game Pass service cracked 10 million.” Also, Microsoft reported a 130% increase in multiplayer engagement. Nintendo announced that the sales of its Switch console were up 24 percent year-over-year, and its new game (not so new anymore, it’s nearly at its first anniversary), “Animal Crossing New Horizons”, sold 13.5 million copies from late March 2020 to late May 2020.


     Video game streaming services like Twitch also gained popularity and according to the previously mentioned article, Twitch saw 1.49 billion video gaming hours watched in April alone, a 50% increase since March 2020.


     With consoles like the PlayStation5 and the Xbox Series X released, those companies and many others can turn their attention to video games. As of today, there are already 42 new video games expected to be released and probably many more to come after that. Thirty-two of the games have solid release dates (not just release windows).