2021 Predictions and Hopes

2021 Predictions and Hopes

Nahiara M., Staff Writer

  Seeing as it’s the new year and a lot happened last year, we can only predict what will happen now that we finally made it to 2021.

     One prediction and hope people have for 2021 is that we will soon start slowly getting back into our normal lives. Now that we have a vaccine, many people are hopeful about a cure or about the change to get back to our daily normal lives. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed, but with a vaccine now here, it certainly looks promising.

     A second prediction people hope to see in 2021 ties into the last one. We hope to see fewer covid cases and see a rise in immunity. We are all hoping to know that hospitals will one day have more than enough beds for patients and it would be great if we could acquire herd immunity so we could start moving about our world more freely.

     On a different note, many hope to see new trends in fashion and society. It would be great if people focused more on body positivity and new cool designs and styles that we all can enjoy.

    Lastly, people may hope that companies and regular people start to use biodegradable items or just greener one such as bamboo toilet paper or reusable clothes. It’s awesome that vintage clothing styles have become so popular; hopefully that we keep people from buying new clothes when they don’t have to.

     Although last year was rocky, there is much to hope for in the new year.