ASB Bring Winter Wonderland to Students During Lunch

ASB Bring Winter Wonderland to Students During Lunch

Lilus M., Staff Writer

     This Friday, December 11, ASB hosted a Winter Wonderland lunch social! Around 60 students participated, including a few teachers. As students entered the zoom, everybody began saying hello to each other. What a nice way to start off the lunch social. Some funky Christmas music was also being played in the background to get everyone into the spirit.

     There were two activities in the lunch social. The first one was a Would You Rather, but with a little twist. After being asked what option they’d rather choose, students would grab an item that went with their option within 15 seconds. The Would You Rather activity was presented as a slideshow with creative slides, which made the activity more entertaining.

     The second activity was “Guess That Christmas Tune”. A Christmas song would be played for about 7-10 seconds, and students would try to guess right away. Students either put their answers in the chat, or even got the chance to unmute and share their answer. According to several students, it was really nice listening to holiday music, and it really put them in the mood.

     Overall, the lunch social was yet again successful! Not only that, but several students really enjoyed the Winter Wonderland themed lunch social. Although most people wouldn’t get to celebrate the holidays with their friends, it was really lovely being able to play games and interact with others.