Tips for Studying


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

    With finals coming up, it may be hard to find ways to study and you may not know where to start. Well not fret, here are some tips for studying. 

     First things first,  find a suitable place to study, preferably a quiet space without distractions. Make sure you have got all you need and have some essentials nearby so you don’t have to get up so often. Also, make sure that any distractions like phones aren’t in the area so you don’t get tempted to stray away from studying. Try and create an environment where you have all you need to study. This can include water, small snacks, and even music, as long as it doesn’t distract you. 

     Second, try not to get bored. Try exploring a variety of ways to study so you aren’t just reading. Try taking practice quizzes, make flashcards, or just try to get creative with studying. 

     Lastly, make sure to retain the information. You can do this by taking notes for example. Taking notes causes you to really remember key points. To amp it up you can even use creative symbols, colors, highlights, or just whatever you want to emphasize key phrases, vocab, or key points. 

     Overall I hope these tips help out. And remember to give yourself incentives, rewards, or little breaks to help out your studying.