Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Music is indescribable. It can be fast or slow, soft or loud, simple or intricate, elegant or rough. No one song is the same as another. Each moment, music and our understanding of it constantly changes. It’s something that stays constant as it evolves.

     There’s this quality to music that’s almost reminiscent of fabric. It can be rough or smooth. If you close your eyes while listening to it, you don’t see anything. It’s almost like the only thing that exists in the world is the music. Listening to music in relative silence makes you go into a different world. You float in space, and the song is all that matters. It connects to your emotions somehow, putting you in limbo.

     Man, this is draining. Music can be something you listen to for pleasure. I know I do. However, it can help you out of a bad mood or just a really low time. You don’t have to understand the words or the meaning of the song. The musician can help you unknowingly, unwittingly. It’s almost like a hand up in life. Really, music can be what you want it to be. It can be love, memories, anger, sadness, or anything. As long as you embrace it, music is as versatile as wet clay.

     That is to say, music isn’t exactly wet clay. Music is more like something you can always fall back on. It’s not really a matter of whether you like it or not. It’s a matter of music being immortal and never leaving this world. When all else is lost, music, that indescribable wonder, will still be there.



I am the author of the Fiction Corner stories. Check them out if you’d like. The feature’s on the right of your screen if you scroll down just a bit. The latest topic is music, so this article is my attempt at explaining what I mean. I hope I did well enough in the stories. I have just posted the continuation, so please check it out!