Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Long-Distanced

Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Long-Distanced

Josephine H., Staff Writer

In these wacky times, holidays this season will be different from normal times. If you want to celebrate with family that lives far away, here are some fun ways to celebrate via Zoom or other video calls.


  1. Movies

Watch Christmas or  Thanksgiving movies via the Groupwatch option on Disney+ or have the movie all on each end of the call. Make popcorn, hot cocoa, and/or cookies for a wonderful family movie experience.

  1. Meals

Set up a Zoom call with your aunts and uncles and cousins or with your grandparents. Then you can all make a nice meal and sit down together and eat your homemade Thanksgiving or Christmas feasts.

  1. Games

Once on your video call, set up a fun multiplayer video game like Among Us, etc. There are plenty of games out there with fun for the whole family.

  1. Puzzles

While on a video call with your family and friends, you can do a fun puzzle while you talk.

  1. Opening presents via calls

For Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate) you can call your friends and family and open gifts together. Talk and laugh about the wonderful you’ve given and have received.