Great Places to Start Your Holiday Shopping


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

     Seeing as it’s November (AKA early Christmas) you may want to start shopping for the holidays but don’t know where to buy. Fear not though! I’m here to tell you great places to shop to get into that Christmas spirit!

     To start off I’ll tell you some great places to shop! One place that has many decorations and crafting supplies for those who like making their decorations in Michaels.  Michaels has a variety of decorations whether you want lights, ribbons, ornaments, or reeds! They have it! There are also plenty of supplies to make handcrafted decorations. Overall a great place to shop while being moderately priced!

     A second place that is a great place to shop is Target. Target has an array of more than just decorations for your tree! Not only are there decorations including the basic lights, ornaments, ribbons, etc, there are also decorations to hang in your home such as reeds. There are also plenty of Christmas themed everyday items like clothes, mugs, and even dog sweaters. And if that wasn’t enough, there are also plenty of treats you could buy! In conclusion, this is a great place to shop at with modest prices!

      A third place that is for the people who love decorating the outside of their houses is Home Depot! They have plenty of kinds of decorations for your outdoor Christmas themed home dreams! They have an array of inflatables for your yard. They also have many kinds of lights, hanging decorations, and even signs! For the hardcore fans of Christmas that take pride in their creations for the holidays, there are flashing inflatables, large lights, speakers, and more to create your fantasies. Overall it is a little costly on certain items but can be a great way for outdoor decoration enthusiasts. 

     The final store, which is much like the one before, is Lowes. Much like Home Depot, they have arrays of outdoor decorations. Which can be anything from lights, inflatables, signs, fake trees, etc. They are much like Home Depot in many ways but do have different varieties in some items and also have some larger scaled decorations for your outdoor decorations. Overall this store can be a bit more costly but is great for large-scale decorators! 

     There were some places to get you started shopping for the holiday seasons!