Wands for Wildlife


Kelsie V.

As children, we may find it hard to change the world, but there’s an easy way to help wildlife that will change a creature’s life. Wands for Wildlife is an organization that collects used mascara wands and puts them to use as tiny brushes for young animals. Fleas and other bugs that are hurting animals’ feathers and fur can be removed by repurposing these mascara wands. Even though this organization has postponed its collection for the rest of 2020, it is never too late to start gathering these items. Don’t forget to wash these brushes multiple times to verify they are hygienic, as the makeup can be harmful to baby animals. So the next time your mother is throwing out an old mascara wand, swipe it, collect it, and help a little rabbit kit.


If you want to learn more about what this amazing group of people is doing, check out this link: