A Glimpse of Green


Kelsie V.


Feeling a lack of oxygen in your life? Breathing in those toxic pollutants in the air? Feeling stressed and worried? Plants are the solution to all your problems! Plants have been reported to remove toxic pollutants from the air, provide more oxygen for your home and keep it cooler, and impact a person’s mood positively. Here are three reasons why these green vibrant beauties can brighten up your home and your well-being.

     To begin with, plants are very good air purification agents, and clean pollutants from the air, like nitrogen dioxide. They can also reduce carbon dioxide levels and dust particles, which is aidful if you have allergies. Some plants that are easy to take care of and specifically serve this purpose are snake plants and spider plants.

     Additionally, through the process of photosynthesis, plants give your space more oxygen and can decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It keeps a space fresh and rich in oxygen. Also, plants can keep areas cooler, and it would be a good option especially in a hot environment. Plants that ace these tasks are aloe veras and money plants.

     Finally, these leafy wonders can brighten up your day and give you a better mood. Now that we all are in quarantine, we can’t go outside as often and plants can show us a little peek of the outdoors. They can present you with more creative ideas, assist you in productivity, and reduce your stress. Any plant you find and add to your house will surely benefit your mood.

   To conclude, plants can improve so many things for your space and yourself. These bright jewel-colored charmers will give a burst of life and energy in any place, with the right care. Put a plant in your room and see your happiness bloom!