2020: The Year of Computers


Harris G., Staff Writer

     Computers are an inescapable part of modern life. But because they came into existence so recently, many people have yet to learn how to utilize them to their full potential. This has greatly changed this year because of the pandemic. It has forced people to use computers more, and thus people have learned much more about them.

     Computers, by which I mean traditional computers as opposed to the more general term that also includes phones and tablets, rely on the keyboard and either the mouse or trackpad. To become faster with computers, people usually learn to rely less on their mouse. During quarantine, many people have learned to use keyboard shortcuts to improve their efficiency. For example, instead of having to click on the tiny “x” to exit out of tabs in Google, people have learned to simply press ctrl+w. Shortcuts such as this have improved people’s speed online greatly.

     However, there isn’t much of an advantage to learning to use your keyboard if you aren’t fast with it! So, people have worked on improving their typing speed recently, a movement that can be seen clearly using Google Trends. Typing speed is perhaps the best way to get better and faster with computers. However, completely eliminating typing is also a good option sometimes. People have been using bookmarks more, too, which allows you to go to websites that you use often with the click of a mouse.

     People have not only been learning new ways to improve their efficiency with computers, they have also been learning how to do entirely new things with them! For example, people have been learning how to take, access, and post screenshots more than ever. Obviously, anything related to Zoom, such as changing one’s Zoom background, has been learned much more. People have also started using new google extensions, such as Grammarly. In conclusion, 2020 has taught us all a little bit more about the computers that make up our everyday lives, and that is one benefit that we should not forget.