Upcoming Fall Fashion

Upcoming Fall Fashion

Nahiara M., Staff Writer

     This fall be prepared to wear some of the newest clothing trends coming! This year’s upcoming trends will consist of sweaters and fluffy outfits, loose denim, leather pants and jackets, small purses, and more.

     First let’s talk about the newest jackets like sweaters, fluffy jackets, leather jackets, and puffer jackets. Right now, there are two main styles of sweaters people are liking. These are sweater vests and dress shirts under sweaters. Sweater vests are worn with almost anything and dress shirts under sweaters are worn with jeans or tennis skirts. As for the fluffy jackets, they are very puffed out, big yet light, and normally light colors like beige. Leather is also coming back! Leather jackets are worn with anything and are a big staple to the 90’s style right now.  Lastly is the puffer jacket. These jackets are cropped, light, puffy, and are worn with sweats and cargo pants. 

      Second, on the list are pants. Right now, there is a variety of new types of pants like leather and new styles in pants such as denim. Leather pants have just come back and are tight high waisted pants with loose bottoms and look great with boots. As for denim, there are a lot of different types of denim right now. These could be boyfriend jeans, low rise, high waisted, tight, loose, baggy, you name it! The most common right now though is the boyfriend jeans with a high rise and low rise. They fit comfy at the top and are looser towards the bottom. Not only that but, baggy jeans are liked a lot right now. By baggy jeans, I mean that they fit well towards the top and are looser and baggier the more it goes down. Now pants are a big thing right now, but skirts are becoming popular too. A certain skirt that is very popular is the tennis skirt. They are sporty-looking skirts and can be worn with many things. Not only that but, another skirt that’s popular are mini and long skirts. They are generally plain colors and different materials. 

Third, are accessories. Accessories are definitely coming back stronger than ever right now. There is a wide variety of purses, glasses, belts, and more. As for purses right now people are enjoying small purses, handbags, totes, and fluffy bags. They are pretty much worn with anything and everything. Glasses are also in right now. Big, small, wide, thin, any pattern, it’s in! Last but not least, belts. Belts right now come in any shape, size, and variety! People are also wearing these large necklaces around the waist with low rise pants or skirts. 

     Last but not least are some trends for the guys out there. As for guys right now there are a lot of baggy pants in the 90’s style while still looking fashionable. Not only that but right now guys are wearing more earth tones and monochrome. Some even wear bright colors.  Guys are also wearing more formal wear. Such as collared shirts under sweaters and suits. Lastly, they are wearing fuzz-lined flannels which are a great way to keep warm. 

     Overall those are some of the newest trends in fashion to guide you on what you may like.