Wacky Words


A fluffle of bunnies

Tessa H., Staff Writer

There are over 150,000 words in the English language — and people know from 10,000 to 50,000 words! In all of the words in the English language, there are quite a few that are less common. These often sound very peculiar but are just synonyms for other normal words. Next time you talk with a friend, try to include one of these wacky words in your conversation!

Flabbergast: You may be flabbergasted by reading this article! This means that you are in intense awe and are utterly astonished. Whenever your friend says something unbelievable, simply say you’re flabbergasted.

Bumfuzzle: If you are bumfuzzled, you are flustered and flabbergasted. This term is most often heard in the south.

Discombobulate: I may be discombobulating you right now — to be discombobulated is to be confused! This word is very similar to bumfuzzle, but it is a bit more well known. 

Cattywampus: Cattywampus is a rather interesting word. It can be used to describe something that is going in the wrong direction. It also means that something is not lined up correctly and is diagonal, not straight. If something is askew in your room, you could say that it looks cattywampus.

Taradiddle: Don’t tell any taradiddles — er — lies. A taradiddle is a petty excuse, and a nonsense lie. This word is believed to be related to a word meaning to rid someone of something or cheat someone out of getting something.

Lollygag: You may have heard this word from your parents, who told you to hurry up or you would be late for the bus. If you lollygagging, you are falling behind or are taking too much time. To remember what it means, think that ‘lollygag’ sounds similar to ‘lag’.

Widdershins: This word describes something that is going contrary to the sun’s course, and something that is going clockwise. It is used for unlucky things.

Abibliophobia: Abibliophobia is a very intriguing word. It means ‘the fear of running out of books or reading material’. But, don’t fear if you feel this phobia, because there is endless content to read, and new books are always being written!

Bumbershoot: When you see this word, you may have no clue of what it means. Yet, it actually is a synonym for an object some people may use every day — an umbrella. When you break it down, ‘bumber’ may sound like ‘umbr’ (the beginning of ‘umbrella’), and ‘shoot’ sounds like ‘chute’ and an open parachute looks like an open umbrella.

Fluffle: Does this word make you think of ‘fluffy’? Well, you’re on the right track of what it means. A fluffle is a group of wild bunnies or rabbits. The word is mostly used in parts of Canada, though.

In conclusion, these are ten interesting words to use to spice up your conversations!