Cooking — A Creative Outlet During Quarantine


Tessa H., Staff Writer

Stress has been a big downside of being quarantined — and, for some, doing a certain activity can lift their spirits. Reading a good book, expressing feelings through art, and listening to uplifting music are all ways that people use to feel better. And for aspiring cooks, baking is their creative outlet and feel-good activity!

With all this time on our hands since the start of the pandemic, too, opportunities have opened up for us to practice the things we love most. If you learned you love cooking, now is the time to work on your skills! People have now been creating their own recipes and variations of normal foods, to make them more nutritious and delicious.

Cooking is great because it is a medium in which we can be creative — we can mix and match ingredients and flavors, and discover combinations that we normally wouldn’t have thought of. And, the best part of cooking is sharing our creations with our friends and family. 

So, when you need a pick-me-up, try cooking! Who knows what amazing recipes you can concoct…


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