5 Best and 5 Worst Halloween Candies


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

   With Halloween coming up, you may want to buy some candies, so here are the 5 best candies and the 5 worst candies without any particular order. 

     To start off, I will be describing the 5 best Halloween candies in my opinion. 

  1. Candy Corns: These are classic candies are triangle-shaped with a color palette of brown, yellow, orange, and white. They have a unique texture almost being hard yet soft and rather creamy at the same time and are quite sweet.
  2. Mellowcreme Pumpkins: These candies, much like candy corn, are little pumpkin candy corn-like sweets. These treats are much like candy corn and have that unique texture and are much sweeter. They normally come in orange with a little green stem on top. 
  3. Kit-Kats: These sweets are layers of wafers covered in chocolate. They have an array of flavors, but they most commonly come in just chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. 
  4.  Three Musketeers: This treat is on good candy for chocolate lovers. This candy is a triple chocolate candy bar that is surprisingly not as sweet as it sounds. When biting into it, it feels as if it’s caramel and overall has a nice subtle texture.
  5. Snickers: Snickers is another chocolate candy bar but it is unique in its own way. The candy is a nutty caramel chocolate bar with overall great flavors. When eating it you feel the caramel, the subtle taste of the peanut, and the semi sweetness of the chocolate. 

     Now, I will be sharing my 5 worst Halloween Candies in no particular order.  

  1. Skittles: These candies are medium-sized pebbles with an array of colors. They are sour-sweet candies and are quite chewy, but they can get stuck in your teeth easily.  
  2. Twix: These are chocolate-covered nutty bars that are much like Snickers except a bit different. Their taste seems a bit off and also seems like a copy of snickers with a twist. 
  3.  Nerds: Nerds are very small pebbles that usually come in a box with one color. They are mainly sour yet sweet and are very messy if they are spilled. 
  4. Licorice: This candy is a chewy semi-sweet gummy like twist and comes in red or black. 
  5. Whoppers: Whoppers are little wafer balls covered in chocolate and have a strange taste. They have a milky chocolate flavor and feel like a combo of chocolate and cookies when eating it. 

     I know that everyone may have different tastes, but these were some candies I believe are crowd-pleasing and turn downs.