New Store in Downtown Redlands: Board Game Paradise


Store Front of Board Game Paradise, located right next to Jax Toys

Josephine H., Staff Writer

     Last week on Friday, October 2nd, Downtown Redlands welcomed the opening of the latest store, Board Game Paradise. Board Game Paradise, a pop-up shop owned by Richard Matney, had its soft opening last Friday, October 2nd. There is a grand opening planned for the end of the month. This brand new store’s address is 109 E State St. Suite A, Redlands.


     As the name implies, Board Game Paradise sells board games, puzzles, and gifts. Matney had developed the idea of opening a board game store for 5-6 years and, before the store, he had sold the board games out of his garage. For four years before the pandemic, Matney and his wife had organized board game nights at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe. 


     Matney’s vision is that after the pandemic has cooled down a bit, he plans on opening up the back room for demonstrations of the board games, board game nights, and even tournaments. For now, there’s a table in front of the store where they can demonstrate or teach a board game to customers.


     If you like board games, puzzles, or just want to help out a small business, you can head down to Downtown Redlands and stop by Board Game Paradise. Not only will you be helping out your local small businesses, but you’ll also get outside of the house and a board game or puzzle to keep you entertained during the long days at home.