Redlands’ New Restaurants: A Review

Redlands New Restaurants: A Review

Harris G.

     The pandemic has offered many challenges to restaurants. They have had to adapt to stay open, and more of them have been going out of business than normal. Despite this, some new ones have popped up during this pandemic. I went to three new restaurants here in Redlands to help you decide if they’re worth going to. 

     The first restaurant I attended was Badger Bowls. Although I have already written about this restaurant, I hadn’t gotten a chance to actually eat there until this week. I ordered their signature bowl, the Badger Bowl, which comes with acai (like most things served at the restaurant) as well as granola, coconut milk, and some other toppings such as assorted fruits. The food is not cheap, but I feel that you do get what you pay for. I loved it. I could also feel good about eating it, as it is very healthy. Of course, acai isn’t for everyone, but I think those who like it will love Badger Bowls. 

     The second restaurant I ate at — although it is more of a bakery than a restaurant — was Cookie Corner. Their name is not deceptive, they serve cookies and nothing else. I went into the restaurant with high hopes, and as I ordered they became even higher because the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant were very charming. Cookie Corner has a very wide selection of cookies, but they rotate between only four every week. This made my ordering decision very easy, as I simply got one of each cookie. But when I ate the cookies several hours later, I was unfortunately disappointed. They were cakey and very doughy, which is not at all what I enjoy in a cookie. However, I suppose those that do will enjoy this restaurant. Perhaps I am just a bit picky in my taste in cookies.

     The final restaurant that I went to was a pop-up restaurant called California Grill. The ordering experience at the restaurant was very unusual. First of all, the menu consists of only steak, lobster, and chicken tenders. The restaurant also has customers order through an online app, which was a bit hard to figure out, but very convenient. It also means that, because you pay through the app in advance, you don’t have to wait for the check before you leave, which I enjoyed. I ordered a steak, and although I asked for it medium-rare and it came out medium, this didn’t bother me at all and I quite enjoyed my meal. My mother ordered lobster, and my father ordered steak and a side of lobster, and they both found the lobster to be perfect. We left satisfied, although not blown away, and we also noted that it was very cheap for lobster and steak.

     In conclusion, I recommend going to any of these restaurants if they sound appealing to you, especially Badger Bowls and California Grill. This has taught me that despite the pandemic, good restaurants can still open, and I hope it has taught you the same. I encourage you to go out, eat at those restaurants, and have some fun!