Pamper Your Pets!


Caroline C., Editor

     With COVID keeping us locked up at home, we have more time on our hands. For some, it might seem like a bit too much time. But have no fear! If you have a pet, there’s plenty to do!

     First of all, you can take your pet on a walk. It, of course, really depends on what pet you have. If you have a dog, take it out on walks around the neighborhood -or even farther, if it’s not too hot. Dogs are probably the most energetic pet, and it’s important that they move around. If you have a cat, try getting one of those cat harnesses. It might be a fun experiment to see if your feline friend likes walks! 

     For those of you with smaller animals, such as hamsters or guinea pigs, you could make a maze. All I use to make mazes is an empty cardboard box and some cutouts that are at least twice as tall as the pet. Draw the maze deesign on the bottom of the box then glue the cutouts in place. You can add tubes (toilet paper rolls are easiest, though my hamster has a habit of chewing them or sleeping inside) or small holes in the walls they can wiggle through.

     Lastly, if you have some extra cash you can spend, hop onto Amazon or an online pet store. You can buy some fun toys and treats to pamper your pet! Get a new plant for the fish tank, a new treat for the rabbit, or a new hanging toy for the bird. Anything to spice up their lives. I recommend trying to find local pet store sites. Local businesses are hurt most by this pandemic, and anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. 

     Remember, your pet is a living thing, too. It’s locked up inside with you. So, whenever you’re bored, consider spending some time with your pet!