What Happens to Halloween?


Caroline C., Editor

     With fall quickly approaching, many have been wondering: What’s going to happen this year? With COVID-19 lockdown, celebrating the holidays is going to be very different. Celebrations like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah are all going to change. But, mainly, Halloween. What will happen to it this year?

     Social distancing is going to make a big impact on all these holidays. Imagine trying to social distance in crowded Trick or Treating places like Olive Avenue! So, what can you do instead? Candy is still available to buy, both online and in-store. You can buy your favorite candy and watch Halloween movies into the night! And, if you’re sad you’ll miss dressing up and seeing your friends, then turn to your best friend during this crazy time -Zoom! Dress up and hold a meeting with your friends. You can watch a movie together or play online Halloween-themed games.

     Just because people won’t be coming down your street doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your house. With the spare time on your hands, you can make some fun Halloween decorations to hang around your house -inside and outside. Additionally, a fun part of Trick or Treating was seeing other decorations. If you would still like to see those decorations, hop in the car and drive around town!

     If you’re still tempted to Trick or Treat (please be safe, if you do!) or put candy out for any other daredevils, there are creative ways to do so. On social media, people have been sharing their new ways to give candy out. A crafty man in Ohio came up with a way to make a chute from a PVC pipe; all he has to do is put the candy in and let it roll down the ramp. Additionally, you don’t have to be the one going around to get candy. While driving around town and looking at the decorations, leave candy on your friends’ doorsteps as a surprise. 

     COVID might make lots of changes this year, but it certainly won’t stop us from enjoying the holidays!