Quick Snacks for in between classes


Sarah M., Staff Writer

Looking for snacks to have before your next class starts? Here are a few ideas of quick snacks to have before class if you like healthy snacks .

     One fast snack is trail mix. You can make your very own trail mix in between classes. You can get nuts, raisins, and M&M’s. Mix them in a bowl and you have a quick and easy snack for in between classes. 

     Another good snack is a fruit bowl. You can get fruits like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and bananas and cut them up. Mix them up and put them in a bowl. It’s a very easy snack to make. You can also eat it pretty fast.

     Also there are bowls that you can buy from the store called Acai bowls. They have fruit and granola and are really good. You can get them from grocery stores and there are restaurants that have them. So if you like Acai bowls they are a great snack for in between your classes.

     One last idea is to make a little bowl of cheese and nuts. You cut the cheese into little cubes and have nuts to go along with the cheese. It is a delicious snack. You can make this snack in about five minutes. 

     Hopefully this gave you some ideas for snacks before your classes.