ASB’s first online rally – Friday, September 3rd

Josephine H., Staff writer

     Last Friday, September 3rd, was ASB’s first online, after-school rally. There were two different Zooms where there were two groups per Zoom. In the first Zoom, there were two games: Guess the Song and Pictionary, and the prizes were, for every correct answer, a raffle ticket for a $10 gift card to the Habit, a local restaurant. In the second Zoom, the two games were a Kahoot and Would You Rather, and, if you were in the top three in the Kahoot, you could win a gift basket. This gift basket is still in the making, so the final prize is still a mystery. 


     According to Violet Van Stee, a 7th grader that went to both of the Zooms, the rally was a lot of fun and worth it, because, “You never know if you might win something! In fact, I was third place in the Kahoot, but I’m not sure exactly what I won yet.” She also said, “It was a lot of fun, but I think there were too many ASB representatives; it felt like there were seven but only three were actually talking.” Mia Gowin (7), an ASB representative, said, “I think the rally went really well; everyone was interacting and just, in general, having a good time.” She also said that in the Would You Rather Zoom, there was a lot of chat spam, but Violet didn’t notice that much. Violet said, “I think I was in the second group in that zoom, so it might have been the first group that was chatting a bit more.” Mia said that overall, she was really pleased with how the rally went, but maybe next time they should keep an eye on the chat a little more. Violet says she looks forward to more events like these. According to Ms. Faulkner, there will be another rally this Friday, so make sure to drop by!