Giants vs. Rockies: Blowout Game of the Decade


Dickerson hitting a home run.

Josephine H., Staff Writer

     Two days ago, there were a total of 11 Major League Baseball (MLB) games played. One of those games was the San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies. Nothing special, just one of eleven games to be played that day. In the end, the Giants won 23-5. Now, you might be wondering (if you don’t know what the usual scores of baseball games are), why this is such a big deal. The deal is, usual baseball games have a score of 4-3 or 3-2 runs. This game has an extra twenty-one runs


     After their spectacular win, the Giants are the first team in MLB history to have three players have six RBIs (runs batted in) in one game. Also, the Giants had 27 hits which, if you don’t remember, is the same amount of outs allowed per team in one game. So everyone on the field for the Giants could have had at least one hit each. The Giants started the game with a -19 run differential. The run differential is the amount of runs the Giants have scored in the entire season versus the amount of runs other teams have scored in total against the Giants. They ended the game with a -1 run differential. Pretty good for a night’s work, huh?  


     Alex Dickerson had one of the greatest games in MLB history. He hit 3 home runs and 2 doubles that night. His first home run he hit that night went 480 feet, hitting the upper deck. In the Rockies’ stadium (yes, the Rockies were playing home that night), there are three decks, and the stadium can hold up to 50,398 people. Mike Yastrzemski is the Giants’ right fielder, and he threw himself – I repeat, threw himself – for one of the most beautiful catches ever, even though the Giants were bound to win. 


     So in the end, the Rockies were destroyed, the Giants had their best game of the season, and Daniel Robertson from the Giants had his career debut with a hard hit single. Depending on where you look at it, a pretty good game, at least for the Giants.