Virtual Fun with Friends

Virtual Fun with Friends

Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Ever since the pandemic started, everybody’s been locked up in their homes. Human interaction became big no-no. What about us middle-schoolers? A main part of our little teenage lives is to hangout with friends! Can we no longer do that? Fear not! Something called “technology” provides all of us with infinite ways to have fun with friends VIRTUALLY. Here are a few ways to do so.

HouseParty: This app, which has recently become popular during quarantine, allows you to be in a group video chat with up to 8 friends. What’s the fun part? You and your friends within the chat room are able to play virtual board games! HouseParty contains games such as Heads Up, Pictionary, Trivia, and much more! Be sure to try it out!

Hangouts: If you just simply want to video chat with your friends, then Hangouts is right for you. All you need is a personal email to log in. All that’s left is creating a group chat with you and your friends!

Zoom Game Night: Many of us are familiar with Zoom. After a long day of online school, feel free to create your own zoom meeting and invite several of your friends! By sharing your screen, you can host a game of Kahoot, Pictionary, and much more! A couple of recommended websites for Pictionary are or


     These suggestions are one of the many ways to have fun with your friends virtually. Feel free to explore and find new ways to hangout with your friends virtually!