How to Act During Distance Learning

Edric W., Staff Writer

Distance learning is new to us. We haven’t been doing it for long, as this entire pandemic has all taken us by surprise. Since this is new to us, we may not know how to act during online classes. Here are some tips on how to act during distance learning:


During distance learning, we have to take classes at home through online methods. However, we have different surroundings at home compared to at school. Because of this, we could become distracted very easily by items we have laying around. To prevent this, remove all distractions from your area, or just put them out of sight. Focus on your classes and homework assignments rather than focusing on distractions. Also, make sure not to use distracting backgrounds or any distracting elements behind you.


Some of us may think that just because we are working from home, we don’t have to follow school rules as closely as we did at school. This could not be further from the truth. When you are participating in a Zoom or Google Meet class, make sure you have your video on and microphone off. Think twice before you talk in chat, and keep your chat messages as appropriate as possible. Remember that everything is recorded.


Responsibility will play a big part in you getting your work done this school year. Make sure not to procrastinate and to finish your work on time. This will guarantee that you won’t be stressed over due dates. Also, make sure you turn in your assignments on time. Most teachers will consider that if you turn it in 5 minutes late you have a late assignment.


These were just a few tips for distance learning. Following them will make sure that distance learning will be more pleasant for everybody. Stay safe, Cope Eagles!