How to start a business at home

How to start a business at home

Marlon M., Staff Writer

There are many ways to start a business from home as a kid, but there are only a few that kids can do from home. As for almost all businesses, these businesses do require some start-up money or existing objects that you have. So, without further ado, the first way to start a business is to start an e-commerce store. There is a multitude of ways to start a business, but the first step is always to do something that you are passionate about, or at least something that you know you won’t quit. Now, the second thing to do is to create a business plan (saying exactly what you are going to do). The next step is to create a plan for your finances. Now, there are many ways to do this, and you can do a google search to learn how. Now, the last step is to start selling. I will leave you guys with some business ideas:

  1. Babysitting- create a resume and get qualifications.
  2. Mowing lawns/gardening/landscaping-self explanatory
  3. Dropshipping-eCommerce-buy low sell high
  4. Print on demand-once someone buys your
  5. Selling Candy- bu low sell high
  6. Lemonade stand- tip: try to make yours stand out.
  7. Pet sitting/grooming/etc.-Love pets? Do some pet-sitting
  8. Selling hand-made items-do it on Etsy or around town
  9. Tutoring- have good grades? How about a passion for teaching? Then tutoring is for you.
  10. Blogger/Youtuber/Streamer-This is a place where you should do something that you love. You make money from views, ads, merch, and affiliate programs.

However, these aren’t the only businesses that you can start. But, there is one last way to start a business, and that is to come up with something by yourself. The way to do this is to use the six roots of entrepreneurial opportunity. The first is to figure out problems in the world. Then you look for change. Many business opportunities have shown themselves because people are becoming more aware of climate change. Next, use your unique knowledge of what people you know want to buy or what your community needs. Use this knowledge to brainstorm some business opportunities. Now, you can Invent something or sell and market an existing product in a creative way. Look for new technologies, high tech, and low tech. Then, find out who your competition is. Are there people selling similar products? Find a way to be better. You can have faster shipping, cheaper prices, or be more reliable. If you can, then you have found a business opportunity. Lastly, look at existing products and services, and see how you can improve on them.

Now you are one your way to creating a successful business. Remember, do it for the customer, not the money. This way you’ll get repeat costumers. Also remember that it’s about the journey, not the end goal. Have fun starting your business.