Things We Miss


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

At the moment, we are restricted from doing certain things we like or going to certain places because they are closed. Here are some things we all probably miss doing. To start off, some people say they are just missing being able to go to school because it gave them something to do and was a place where they could interact with other people. Another thing we are missing is being able to go out in general. Whether that was walking the dog, riding bikes, or going shopping. Not only that but we miss going to friend’s houses or just hanging out. One last thing we miss is going out for food. We miss being able to have sushi in a restaurant on special occasions, going for yogurt with friends, or meeting family and eating with them at a food court. Overall, we may not be able to do some things we used to do, but this has opened a new door of what to do at home!