Fun in Your Backyard


Lilus M., Staff Writer

Due to the pandemic, we have been ordered to stay in our homes. We can’t go out as much. We can’t go visit friends. It seems as if all of the fun has been sucked out of our daily lives…but fear not. We have always found ways to have fun. We’ve always used our imagination and creativity. You can use those skills to have fun in your own backyard! Backyards provide lots of space for anything fun! Below are some ways that you can have fun in your backyard:

1. Camping: If your backyard is roomy enough, and if you have a tent stashed up somewhere in your garage, setting up a tent in your backyard would make you feel as if you were out camping. Get out your sleeping bags, some board games, and bring the family together for a fun day of camping.

2. Reading corner: Find a cozy little spot in the shade. You can either set up blankets or small seats. You can always decorate the spot a bit more to make it feel more like you. Once finished, bring out your favorite book, a fresh cup of lemonade, and enjoy the nature around you.

3. Family Sports: If you want to play and compete against family, now’s the chance to get a backyard sports set. These usually consist of volleyball and badminton. These are really simple sports to play with the family! They’re easy to set up. After setting it up, you’ll be able to go out and play anytime you want. This would also serve as family time!

4. Nature creations: Go out in your backyard and take a look around. You have all kinds of resources around you! Get creative, and see what you can build using your natural resources! You can make slingshots, wands, houses, basically anything if you really put your mind to it.

5. Getting wet: Especially during the summer, getting wet is one way to cool off. Put on your bathing suit, or some clothes you don’t mind getting wet, turn on the sprinklers, take out your water-guns (or get creative and use plastic water bottles), and get drenched. It’s always fun to wet. You can make this even more fun by playing tag or freeze tag. Be careful not to slip!

6. Obstacle courses: A great way to have fun and get some exercise at the same time would be doing obstacle courses. You can set a goal for yourself to build your own obstacle course. Make a theme, and start building. It’s very simple to create your own obstacle course. You can use empty cardboard boxes as platforms or walls. Hula hoops cut in half and stuck to the ground would make great hurdles. You can even build your own Wipeout!

7. Backyard forts: If you have leftover cardboard boxes and trifold posters, you’ll be able to create your own fort. Stack boxes, cut openings as doorways or windows, and decorate. You can also use old blankets for the inside or outside of your fort. Get creative and see what fort you can build!

These were only a few ways to have fun in your backyard, but there a billion other ways. All you have to do is get creative!