How Human Interaction Has Changed


Lorelei A., Co-Editor in Chief

I can almost guarantee you’ve heard the phrase, “Back in my day…” followed by an unnecessary monologue of how technology has made things so much easier. It’s always felt like a guilt-trip, though, as if it’s somehow your fault that communication has become texting. That doesn’t mean that face-to-face conversations are any less normal, but with the current quarantine, it’s impossible to have them. Texting or FaceTime is the only way we’re able to keep in touch with our friends. Personally, I’m glad we have these things available at large. I know that even my introverted self would get cabin fever without speaking to any of my friends for over a month. This technology has also allowed us to make online friends, people who we may have never met otherwise. Of course, it’s important to stay safe on the Internet, but our generation has figured out the signs by now. In my opinion, these new ways of communication have brought us closer, and during this unexpected event, I’ve never been more grateful for them.