Two Students Speak About Cope Theater at Board Meeting


Marlon M., Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 10, two Cope students, chosen by Mrs. Roghair, the head of the Cope Theatrical Department,  spoke about Cope’s theater program at an RUSD board meeting as part of the “Redlands Theatre Programs: Behind the Curtain” Margo Male and Laith Hintzman, along with representatives from all other middle school and high school drama departments,  presented to the board about the Cope theater program. Margo Male, the first to speak,  talked about what the theatre department is doing: they perform two plays a year, invite elementary schools to performances, the public shows, and the fact that Cope has no advanced Drama class currently, ect. while  Laith spoke about how drama has helped him grow and the amount of confidence he has gained under the tutelage of Mrs. Roghair and Mr. Borkgren.

At the board meeting, all the middle schools and high schools talked about their theater programs.