Featured Class: Robotics


Nikita J., Staff Writer

Robots are one of the newest technologies in the world and they can be easily debated for both one of the most interesting items to build and one of the hardest. With all different parts needed to construct the robot and the different commands that need to be used for coding the robot, there are many things that can go wrong because it is such a complex item. In order to be able to code and build robots, the person has to be well taught and able to understand how everything works inside the robot. Mr. Aceto and Mr. Orlov can be described as those people as both of them teach a robotics class at this school.

Robotics is taught by Mr. Aceto during period 5 and Mr. Orlov sometimes goes over robotics during his period 6 math class. Currently, the robotics class is only open to 7th graders, but there are plans for the robotics class being available for the 8th graders to join during the 2020 – 2021 school year.  In the class, the students build robots and code them to do certain tests. Aside from robots, the class also focuses on electrical engineering. The class experiments with circuit boards and breadboards to complete different tasks such as making LED light turn on. While focusing on electrical engineering, the class uses many different types of components, such as LED lights and resistors to complete the tasks given during the class period. The robotics class also participates in competitions during the school year. During the months of February through May, they are going to be participating in the school competition and in the state competition.  

Overall, the robotics class, led by Mr. Aceto and Mr. Orlov, builds and codes robots to do certain challenges. As well as robotics, they also work on electrical engineering. Finally, they participate in competitions during the school year. Robotics is one of the many different electives at this school.