Cope Eagles Having a Great Time During Summer


Nikita J., Staff Writer

School has started, however, Cope kids still remember the fun things they did over the summer. Some people went out of the state, some went to visit people, and some just sat at home and chilled. Here are some examples of what some people did over their summer break.

     One Cope kid spent her summer by visiting family friends.  Jennah Uy (7) said, “I went to Oxnard to visit family friends and while I was there I went to Disneyland.” This is a wonderful way to spend your summer because you can spend time with your friends while also having fun.                 

     Another marvelous way someone spent their summer is visiting the great outdoors. Anja Eldevik (8) said that her parents bought a trailer and took her family camping. That is another awesome way to spend the summer because going outdoors is always refreshing. Also, camping is a magnificent way to see the outdoors and admire nature’s bounty. 

    Then there were people who did a little bit of everything over the summer. Adan Avila (8) said, “I babysat my little sister, went to the beach, played video games, went to the zoo, and I celebrated my birthday.” This was an incredible way to spend your time as well. Living in California as we do, we don’t take enough advantage of the fact that we live about an hour away from the beach.

     Finally, there were people who just chilled during summer break. Like Meredith Ribowo (6), who said, “ I just sat at home and went to the beach.” Summer is the best time to relax so this was a terrific idea.

     These are just a few examples of how Cope Eagles spent their summer. In conclusion, summer break is a great time to get ready for the next school year and have fun with friends and family.