Help the Earth: Pollution and Factories


Lilus M., Staff Writer

As you walk down the street, you notice somebody eating a bag of chips. Then they do something absolutely horrible. They litter their empty bag of chips. You shrug, passing them. Not many people understand the horrible consequences that would take place when somebody litters plastic. This small act has a big effect on the earth and its environment. Not only does littering plastic affect the earth, but other things we see in our everyday lives have an effect on the environment. For instance, factories. Every day, workers manufacture products that we use daily. Backpacks, shoes, toys, and so on. Factories’ most common air pollutants are greenhouse gasses. This comes from burning fossil fuels. Factories acidify rain, create chemical spills, and dispose of toxic waste. All of this is toxic. Where does all of this go? The ocean, the sky, and land. Who lives here? Animals. Animals just trying to survive. Many animals get killed due to all of this pollution and toxic.

In order to prevent this, YOU can HELP. There are infinite ways to help. An idea is through recycling clothes. When you buy clothes from thrift stores, that’s one less clothing article that causes pollution. You can stop buying so many products that factories make. These are just a couple of ways to help.