Funny New Years Resolutions


Caroline C., Staff Writer

We’re all tired of those boring resolutions like, “I’m going on a diet!” or, “I’ll clean my room more often!” Ones like these never last more than a week, so here are some funny ones that might last more if they have a chance.

  1. Get fat: Admit it, there’s no escaping it, especially around the holidays. Just accept the truth.
  2. Be a better sibling: Sure, we can try. But here’s a trick- spending time is the best way to be a better sibling. Go “spend time” with your sibling!
  3. Watch Peppa Pig: Why not?
  4. To make more resolutions next year: As long as you make another resolution next year, you’ve fulfilled it.
  5. Be smarter: Say that you want to be smarter, then take a big gulp of air and sigh, “Ahhh… that’s some nice oxygen!” or drink some water and look to a person nearby and say, “This has the percisley he right amount of hydrogen molecules! Want some?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t fulfill your resolutions, its the thought that counts.