Hit the- What?


Caroline C., Staff Writer

Despite the raging sensation of BTS, the addiction of Fortnite, and the styles of VSCO girls, many of our Cope Eagles don’t know what these are. Maybe they live under a rock. Anyway, it’s our job to tell these rock-dwellers what some of the most trendy things are!

Peppa Pig: Peppa, what are you doing in my article? Yes, despite how silly it is, Peppa Pig is on this list. Go along with everyone else and sing the Peppa Pig themesong! This is my little brother George…. 

Hit the Woah: Okay, so if you’re ever on YouTube again (another trendy thing) search up “How to Hit the Woah.” It’s a slightly complicated dance consisting of many different moves. This dance is, like many trends, slowly dying.

Fortnite: A popular video game available on the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and many more consoles. In this game you are a character of your own choice, avoiding a “storm” and trying to eliminate all other players. This game has many popular dance moves that kids are trying to be better at. These might include the Hype, Orange Justice, or even, Flossing.

VSCO Girls: A group of singers who love scrunchies, crop-tops, Jeeps, and almost about anything trendy. They’re known for their “sksksk,” sound, which is supposed to be their laughter.

To all those who were missing out, these are only some of the many trends going around. But remember, trends come and go. So watch out as these trends fade into the past and are replaced with Lion King references. Believe it, it will be the new Peppa Pig one day.