Does I.Q. Matter?

Nikita J., Staff Writer

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Maybe you have heard of the I.Q. test before. I.Q. stands for intelligence quotient and it is calculated by several tests designed to test your intelligence. Many people believe that the I.Q. shows how smart you are and some people even associate your I.Q. with how successful you will be. However, does I.Q. determine your success, the type of job you will get, or your yearly income? Does your I.Q. matter? The highest I.Q. was scored by William James Sidis, an American mathematician, with a score between 250 and 300. However, how many people know his name? Now compare that with Albert Einstein, how many people know his name? His I.Q. was between 160 and 190. Even Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, has an I.Q. score between 145 and 152. So, now it’s your decision; does your I.Q. matter?