Boys Cope vs. Beattie 2/7/19


Alistair H., Staff Writer

Last Thursday, February 7th, the Cope Boys’ Soccer team played Beattie’s team.  The score was 3 to 1, in Cope’s favor.  Goals were scored by Dylan L. and Anthony H.  This makes it Cope’s first soccer game win in 25 years.  The game, which was from 4:30 to 5:30 P.M. was exciting but intense.  Beattie seemed to play dirty, as three of our eagles (Joji K., Amar B., and Dovan G.) were injured on the field.  Even though three subs were used, and this was the first time that Asher L. was the goalie, Cope still came out on top.  Beattie started to catch up with Cope when they scored late in the 2nd half, but they were no match for our Eagles.