The Horror of Elementary School – The Slow Recovery of Terrible Hair


Kaush M., Staff Writer

Elementary School was an adventure of itself. Many might also remember the colorful pages of their Yearbook. But, many suffer from trauma from the deepest, darkest, most horrible part of their Elementary Yearbook, and that would be the horrible hairstyles (parents said, “Aww Sweety you look SOOOOO CUTE with that style!”), and little baby faces (faces harden and wear down in middle school from the battle of the fittest for the social triangle). There are many ways to get rid of these reoccurring traumas.  One way is to keep your old yearbooks in a deep, dark corner of your bookshelf. You should never destroy your yearbook because they are $45 and your parents would probably yell at you if you did. Another way is just to accept the fact that you looked like a monkey in 2nd grade.