Prefer Any Preferences?

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Prefer Any Preferences?

Ananya A., Staff Writer

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We all have our preferences. We like to do things in a certain way and have them in a certain way as well. The Talon Staff has conducted a study using 22 students showing votes on a few preferences. Here are the results:

How to eat string cheese

Biting the string cheese: 4                            Stringing the string cheese: 18

How to make your cereal

Milk first: 3                                                      Cereal first: 19

How to eat your Kit-Kat

Bite the Kit-Kat: 3                                          Break the Kit-Kat first: 19

How to put your shoes/socks on

Sock, shoe, sock, shoe: 1                               Sock, sock, shoe, shoe: 21

When to brush your teeth

In the shower: 2                                             Not in the shower: 20

How to eat your pizza

Crust first: 2                                                    Tip of the pizza first: 20

Best shape for pizza

Square: 3                                                          Triangle: 19

Pineapple on pizza?

With pineapple: 15                                         Without pineapple: 7

What is your opinion on these preferences? Leave a comment stating your opinion down below.