Redlands Believe Walk: Pink Is Stronger Than You Think


Lorelei A., Staff Writer

On October 7th, 2018, the 11th annual Redlands Believe Walk took place. The 5K began on State Street in downtown Redlands and ended in a celebration at the Redlands Bowl. Approximately 10,000 people participated, crowding the streets with countless shades of pink. Folks also brought along their dogs, some of the animals fashioned with stylish bandannas and other clothes, which were also pink. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the color pink symbolizes breast cancer and all the women that have suffered from it, commonly shown as an intertwining ribbon. The walk itself is a fundraiser to raise money, as fundraisers do, for multiple cancer-fighting organizations. They have raised a total of $264,313.50 online, helping those organizations come that much closer to their goal. The Redlands Believe Walk is a wonderful way for the citizens of Redlands, as well as non-citizens, to unite and support a great cause.