Cards From Cross-Age


Ananya A., Staff Writer

The Cross-Age Tutors have made encouraging birthday cards for their little buddies at Smiley Elementary. The tutors, who have understood each and every student’s personality, develop unique birthday cards for each of the elementary students in the class. The tutors walk to Smiley every day to help the teachers and elementary students. Here are some of the Cross-Age Tutors sharing their experiences:

Shanelle Osei-Kwarteng: “I am a Cross-Age Tutor for the librarian at Smiley Elementary School. I enjoy helping the kids find books they want to read.”

Aditi Patlola: “I’m a Cross-Age Tutor for transitional kindergarten, my favorite part of tutoring is playing with the kids during recess.”

These tutors seem to have fun while helping out at Smiley. They are caring role models for the little ones at Smiley Elementary.