Ms.Griner is Great

Brooklynn R., Staff Writer

     This year at Cope we were lucky enough to get many new teachers, such as Ms Griner. She is an

awesome teacher and you should get the chance to know her.

    She grew up in Idyllwild CA and attended Idyllwild Elementary and Middle school. She also

attended Hemet High School. In her college years, Ms.Griner went to California Baptist University for her Bachelor’s degree and University of Redlands for her Masters degree. No wonder she’s such a great teacher, since she went to University Of  Redlands. Ms.Griner exclaims that tenth grade was her favorite year and her favorite subject is science. She also participated in Science Olympia, California Math League, Link Crew Leader , and volleyball. Ms.Griner enjoys Mountain Biking, growing succulents, making crafts, and playing with her dog. She also enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby and watching “Despicable Me.”  Ms. Griner’s favorite subject to teach is Math because she says it is more of a Challenge for her students and when they understand everybody is happy. She decided to become a teacher to reach her students and help them learn. She also loves kids and would like to see them grow

and progress. Mrs. Griner tells us she loved learning about chemistry when she was in school. Ms. Griner

Also tells us her best subject is science, which is why she is a science teacher. Her birthday is October 12 and her favorite number is 17, if any kids in her class are looking to score some brownie points.

    Ms. Griner is a new teacher and it is our job as amazing students to help her feel welcome. If you

ever want to pop by her classroom to say hello or ask her how Cope is I’m sure she would be very

appreciative. Help make Mrs. Griner and all the new teachers feel welcome this year!