Exploratory Options: Eighth Graders


Krista L., Publicity

For those eighth graders leaving Cope and going to RHS, REV, or Citrus Valley, you may be wondering what you want to do in high school. The choices for exploratories vary from sports to an additional academic class to Speech and Debate, and the list goes on. Here are the exploratory options provided in the high schools:

  • Mock Trial: Imitation trial or act trial, similar to a court ruling.
  • Athletics: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.
  • Academic Decathlon: A competition where you compete against other students intellectually.
  • Orchestra/Band: Perform and practice playing an instrument.
  • Woodworking: Make structures by carving wood.
  • Art: Paint, draw, and let your creative self flow.
  • Speech and Debate: Academic activity that is competitive and challenging.
  • Choir: Sing and practice for performances.
  • Journalism/Yearbook: An elective that works for the school and produces the newspaper.

These are the exploratory options that you may be interested in doing in high school!