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From the Bottle Flipping Challenge to Chokers; Here Are the Trends That Took Over 2016

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2016 has been a year where several styles and trends swept all over social media, both good and bad. A generous amount of popular memes emerged, new fashion styles became hits, Pokemon Go was an app you just needed to have, along with the challenges that everyone did. Harambe, Dat Boi, Evil Kermit, Obama and Joe Biden, Arthur’s Fist, Blurry Krabs, Caveman Spongebob, Clowns, Crying Jordan, and Michael Phelps Angry Face were memes that you definitely saw on social media one time or another. Whenever you look on explore, one of these memes were bound to pop out. The fashion styles that every instagram beauty guru wore were chokers and thigh-high boots, (not to mention their fleek and arched brows). Holo nails and cut crease eyeshadow was something that people desired to have., the app that people either loved or hated became exceptionally famous. Netflix was always there to cure you when you were bored. Pokemon Go attacked the world by a storm. Wherever you went, people were walking around like zombies, holding their phones in front of their faces to catch that nearby Pikachu.

The Bottle Flipping Challenge, the Mannequin Challenge, 100 Layer Challenge, Trustfall Challenge, Charlie Charlie Challenge, Ice Bucket Challenge, Bean Boozled, Cinnamon Challenge, Try Not to Laugh Challenge, Eat It or Wear It Challenge, Roast Yourself Challenge, Andy is Coming Challenge, Chubby Bunny Challenge, and Ghost Pepper Challenge were the popular challenges that everyone did. The song “Sweatshirt” became a huge hit, even though several people claimed that it made their “ears bleed.” Although 2016 was filled with many trends that were not useful at all, it definitely made the year a memorable one.

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From the Bottle Flipping Challenge to Chokers; Here Are the Trends That Took Over 2016