Pumpkin Spice: October or November?

Pumpkin Spice: October or November?

Ashley P., Assistant Editor(online)

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It’s still October, and November is right around the corner. However, you see that the flavor “pumpkin spice” has been put into every item and is being sold and distributed everywhere. But doesn’t that make you wonder whether if this flavor should be consumed during October or November?

In my opinion, pumpkin spice is a flavor that should be eaten in November. During October, pumpkins are sold at grocery stores, but they are for carving jack-o-lanterns. In November, however, you actually eat pumpkins and have pumpkin spice flavored foods because of Thanksgiving. The only reason why this flavor is distributed earlier than it should be is because stores want to make more money and attract more customers.

The flavor doesn’t really fit into October as much as November anyway. October is for Halloween, where kids dress up, eat candy, and have fun, but in October, you wouldn’t be eating a pumpkin, so it doesn’t make sense to be eating pumpkin spice in October. It seems more like a November kind of flavor since Thanksgiving celebrates eating pumpkins and other Autumn foods and October doesn’t.

Really, this all comes down to the question of whether or not the flavor pumpkin spice should be eaten in October or November. Though it tastes good and I would eat it at any point in Fall, I am convinced that pumpkin spice is a Thanksgiving flavor instead of a Halloween flavor and should therefore be eaten only in November.