“Big Papi” Retirement Season


Katie T., Staff Writer

    “Life is based on different chapters, and I think I’m ready to experience the next one in my life.” –David Ortiz “Big Papi”.

     David Ortiz is an American professional baseball player and occasional first baseman.  Ortiz is a player for the Boston Red Sox and has ten All-Star selections.  However, he is going to retire after the 2016 season, as one of the most accomplished players of his generation.  He is 40 years old right now and has been a baseball player for 20 long years.  David Ortiz is the all-time leader among home runs, designated hitters in his hits, runs batted, and is one of the most beloved players in Red Sox history.  Additionally, he is also one of only four players to hit above 500 home runs and won three or more World Series.  In conclusion, David Ortiz has had a very successful career as a Boston Red Sox baseball player and is ready to move on and live the rest of his life.