DIY Halloween Party Decorations

Ashlynn L., Editor-in-Cheif

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Some of the most popular people at Halloween are the ones that have the best party. To be the person that everyone likes you will have to start with a great party idea. Here are some ideas to help:

For these parties you will need supplies! Try these:

  • Fog Punch Bowl-This is a punch bowl with fog coming out of it. All you need for this is to take two bowls, one a little smaller than the other, put dry ice in the bigger bowl and the punch in the smaller bowl. As soon as the party starts, pour warm water on the dry ice.
  • Glowing Beverages- Put glow sticks in a bucket with ice and water or soda for a neat affect
  • Kool-Aid Beakers- Take beakers, like the ones from science class, and poor in a Kool-Aid mixture. Then drop dry ice pellets to add creepiness to them.
  • Puking Pumpkins- For this you will need a craved out pumpkin and a candy. Then crave out a big mouth with squinting eyes. Finally you take candy and spread it out in front of the pumpkin while putting some of the candy in its mouth to look like it is throwing candy up.