Gems and Minerals With Erin


Opal color chart

Erin Baldwin, Staff Writer

Since the holidays are right around the corner, gifts are in popular demand. Some individuals might enjoy getting toys or miscellaneous trinkets. Although, there are a few who have a preference for jewelry or gemstones in general. One of the biggest reasons buyers purchase gemstones and minerals is their appearance. This article is a list of gems and minerals you can buy for the holiday.
Gemstones and minerals range in different colors. Red minerals and gemstones include carnelian, jasper, vanadinite, and fire agate. Orange: orange calcite, orange sapphire, carnelian, aragonite, and orange agate. Yellow: Citrine (NOT heat-treated), Honey calcite, topaz, yellow tourmaline, yellow appetite. Green: Aventurine, Jade, Malachite, green calcite, emerald calcite, serpentine, amazonite, diopside, fluorite, chrysoprase, and peridot. Blue: aquamarine, sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, kyanite, azurite, sodalite, angelite, and chrysocolla. Purple: Tanzanite, Amethyst, sugilite, fluorite, grape agate, chalcedony, iolite, rhodolite, and kunzite. Bonus colors: pink- pink tourmaline, rose quartz. Black – onyx, obsidian, snowflake obsidian.
Opals have been known as a more expensive but stunning side of minerals. There is a superstition that if you give an opal to someone you will have good luck. There are many colors and variants of opals. The most iconic is White Opal. Red/Orange: Fire opal (OP31), Peach Orange (OP81). Yellow: Melon Opal (OP66), Cream Soda (OP65). Green Opal: Spring Bud (OP68), Honey Dew Green (OP56), Kiwi Green: (OP11). Blue Opal: Cornflower Blue (OP26), Lake Blue (OP63), Starry Night Blue (OP75). Purple: Multi-Lavender Purple (OP38), Multi-Violet purple. Pink: Pink Snow (OP83), Carnation Pink (OP58), Angel Skin (OP08). The numbers at the end of each color are its identification number. You can ask jewelers if they may have that specific shade but saying the names would be easier.
That concludes the list of gemstones and minerals! Please don’t overspend if you are not financially stable. These happen to be more on the expensive side. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to email me! ([email protected])